A Place for Everything and Everything in its Place.
A blank sheet of paper…a piece of clay…an empty canvas…they are all what you make of them. At Combs, our canvas is the great outdoors. We combine the science of growing plants with the art of gardening to create living masterpieces.
Our process starts with evaluating site conditions, interpreting the local context, defining the client’s goals and drawing inspiration from the client’s likes and interests. We then conceptualize zones and patterns of use throughout the space, and begin to build a framework for the lay of the landscape. Plant palettes and color schemes are developed based on both client’s preferences and cultural requirements of plant materials, such as sun, shade and soil conditions. Once all of these layers of information and more have been gathered, a final plan begins to take shape and is then flushed out in detail. During installation, the design is further tuned and refined to ensure the proper placement of elements within the landscape, and the finishing touches are added. Nature takes it from there (along with a little TLC), and the enjoyment of watching an ever-changing and growing landscape is yours.

Irrigation…the Second Best Thing to Rainfall.
Although convenience is a major advantage of an automatic watering system, the most important benefit is the consistent supply of water to your landscape plants. When irrigated, plants will be happier and will look healthier even during summer droughts.
When you have an automatic sprinkler system installed, it is important to choose the right contractor…
a Rain Bird Select Contractor. When you choose Combs as your Rain Bird Select Contractor, you can be assured of:

  1. Quality irrigation systems with genuine Rain Bird products.
  2. A trained and experienced professional contractor with a history of customer satisfaction assurance.
  3. A contractor highly skilled in both new installations and servicing existing systems.
  4. Potable water protection through the installation of an appropriate backflow preventer, according to local codes.
  5. A controller programmed to operate at maximum efficiency.
  6. Insist on two recognized experts in irrigation systems…Rain Bird, and Combs Landscape.

Pave Your Way to a Beautiful Landscape.
Flagstone and concrete pavers are a great way to increase your outdoor living space, whether it’s creating a patio, connecting different areas of your landscape with pathways, or giving definition to your planting beds with natural edging. Unlike typical poured concrete patios and pathways, stone and tumbled concrete pavers have a more natural appearance, and you don’t have to worry about cracking from winter freeze/thaw cycles. Another advantage of using flagstone and pavers for your hardscape needs is that they reduce runoff by allowing rainwater to pass through their joints and percolate into the soil below. With many shapes and colors available, we have the ability create beautiful and functional patios and pathways, uniquely designed to suit your individual needs.

Quench Your Thirst with a Water Garden!
Water is the essence of life, so it’s no wonder that water features provide therapeutic benefits to the people around them. In addition to the physical properties of screening out noise from surrounding traffic and neighbors, water features also help to create a special sense of place, defining the audio-scape of a space. Studies show that water features have a positive psychological effect on us, and they have been at the center of social and spiritual gatherings throughout human history. With all the hustle and bustle of our modern and hectic lives, water features can do everyone some good. We at Combs can help you achieve tranquility in your own backyard with the addition of a waterfall, pond, bubbling rock or fountain. Water…it’s just what the doctor ordered.

Here’s a Bright Idea!
There are numerous types of lighting designed to highlight or accent the landscape: Path Lighting to illuminate pathways, driveways and steps; Spread Lighting that produces circles of light downward for flowerbeds, low shrubs and groundcovers; Uplighting to illuminate trees, walls, statues and columns; and Cross lighting, which uses two or more lights to reveal the three-dimensional form of an object. We can recommend and install lighting that will let you view your landscape in a whole new light.

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