The 2014 Hosta of the Year! Named for its huge, deeply cupped, corrugated foliage. The giant leaves do
not lose their shape or stunning powder-blue-green color, even in the hottest weather. Resists slug damage. This easy to grow Hosta is tolerant of heat, humidity, and is moderately drought resistant when established. Reaches 16 to 18 inches tall and 24 to 36 inches wide.

A graceful, colorful groundcover for shady areas. Slender stems hold bright golden-yellow foliage having the effect of a tiny bamboo. Great in containers or color accent in borders. Deciduous. Spreading clumping habit to 18 in. tall and wide.

Brilliant chartreuse-yellow, needle-like foliage forms a quick groundcover. Adds cheery color to containers, dry slopes and flowering borders, as well as being a good bulb cover. In winter, foliage turns orange in northern climates. Perennial. 3 – 6 inches tall, 2 – 3 ft. wide.

A compact to dwarf version of Joe Pye weed. Dome-shaped heads of mauve purple flowers cover this
upright, clump forming perennial in mid summer to early fall. Provides spectacular flowering and vertical
interest when massed at the back of the perennial border. A good addition to meadows, native plant
gardens, naturalized areas or stream margins. Herbaceous. Clumping 3-4 ft. tall and 2-3 ft. wide.

A symmetrical mound of heart-shaped leaves with a slight curl that resemble a mouse ear. Soft blue-gray
leaves have a faint white edge in early spring. Lavender flowers stand above the miniature clumps. 2008 Hosta of the Year. Moderate grower 6-7 inches tall and 12 inches wide.

This handsome selection has coppery-red new foliage that is brighter red and significantly more dramatic than the species. Bold and beautiful choice for shady borders and woodland gardens. Leaves mature to
deeply cut dark green. Spreads by underground stems. Grows to 18-24 in. tall and 18 in. wide.

An innovation in breeding, this vivid new mixture will delight and inspire! Expect a vibrant color range in rich shades of orange, scarlet, rosy-red, purple, cream, tomato-red and golden yellow. Each is unique and all are exceptional bloomers on vigorous, full plants. 2013 A.A.S. Winner. Reaches 24 to 30 in. tall and 18 to 24 in. wide.

Abundant, large, cranberry red flowers attract butterflies to a wide range of landscape settings. Vigorous and compact. Will tolerate periods of drought. Perfect for the front of borders and container plantings.
Herbaceous perennial. Up to 22 in. tall and 14 in. wide.

Attractive grass highlighted by fluffy, buff-colored plumes arching above foliage. Terrific contrast used among shrubs or as a backdrop in a perennial bed. Foliage turns golden-russet in fall. Perennial. Moderate grower to 2 to 3 ft. tall, 1 to 2 ft. wide.

Beautiful, bold foliage for those sometimes difficult to fill shady areas. Dramatic heart shaped, blue-green leaves edged in chartreuse that will gradually soften to creamy white. In midsummer, pale lavender flowers rise from these impressive clumps. A true standout in the garden. Herbaceous perennial. Foliage clumps reach 26 in. tall and 60 in. wide.

Native to South Africa, this is one of the shortest, prettiest and most reliably cold-hardy species in the genus. Coral red and yellow flower spikes grow atop a thick clump of narrow, arching, blue-green foliage. Well suited to small city gardens and containers. Reaches 18 inches tall and 15 to 18 inches wide.

Apple green leaves have wide, pale-yellow to cream margins. Very fragrant white flowers on 36″ scapes in midsummer. 1998 Hosta of the Year. Moderate grower 20 inches tall to 36 inches wide.

A graceful, colorful groundcover for shady areas. Slender stems hold bright yellow foliage with thin green stripes having the effect of a tiny bamboo. Great in containers. 2009 Perennial Plant of the Year. Deciduous. Slow growing 18 in. tall and wide./p>

Excellent vine cover for fences, trellises, arbors. Purple to deep pink buds open to golden yellow tubular flowers. Semi-evergreen twiner, deciduous in colder areas. Fast growing, twining stems to 15 ft. long.

Beautiful, deep blue flowers cover this wonderful groundcover or rock garden accent. Sprawling with a
slightly mounded form. Likes some shade in extremely hot areas.
Reaches 6 to 12 in. tall, spreading 3 to 4 ft. wide.

Foliage is a soft avocado yellow with streaks of slightly darker blue-green. Large, white lavender blooms release a soft, sweet fragrance. Requires full shade in hot summer areas. Provides a great contrast in both
color and texture in the shade garden. Forms a clump 18 in. tall, 24 in. wide.

Virtually problem free, Ivory Prince has deep pink buds that open to bright white flowers. Flowers are
unusual as they face up and outward from the plant. A surprise every spring for woodland, native or shade
gardens. Forms basal clumps to 12 in. tall, spreads wider.

Distinct gold leaves of heavy substance have an irregular blue-green margin. Pale lavender flowers appear on scapes above the foliage. A standout in a hosta bed or shady woodland garden. Selected as 2001 Hosta
of the Year. Foliage mounds to 12 in. high, 30 in. wide; flower stems 20 in. tall.

Large, semi-double to double flowers held on strong stems above a compact mound of dark green foliage.
As the flower matures, the dark lavender pink petals slowly fade to a soft pink, revealing a cluster of yellow stamens in its center. The flower is lightly fragrant. Prefers full sun to dappled shade. Hybridized by Don Smith, a leading Itoh Peony breeder. Moderate growing, 24 to 30 in. tall and wide.

Lacy, light green foliage is held on vividly-contrasting red-violet stems. Combine with bold-leaved plants in the shade or woodland garden such as Hostas and colored-leaved Heucheras. Herbaceous. Moderate growth to 3 ft. tall, slowly spreading to 3 ft. wide.

A gorgeous sport of ‘Sagae’. Blue-green leaves have a wide, dramatically streaked, yellow margin which
fade to a creamy-white. Lavender flowers appear above heavier foliage which provides a greater slug
resistance. Hosta of the Year 2012. Moderate grower to just over 2 ft tall and 3 ft. wide.

The most dwarf of the fountain grasses with fluffy, buff colored blooms. Terrific contrast used in rock
gardens, borders, foundation plantings, or in perennial beds. Foliage turns golden russet in fall. Adds
interest and texture to containers. Drought tolerant when established. Perennial. Reaches 10 to 12 in. tall
and wide.

Blazing red and gold blooms appear all summer and into fall. Stems are often red to purple turning
greenish brown with age. Fast-growing, perfect for covering a fence post, arbor or trellis. This excellent selection thrives in high humidity and is mildew-free. Deciduous. Reaches 6-10 feet long.

Tubular mandarin orange red flowers with pale orange interior attracts hummingbirds. Twining habit
quickly cloaks shade arbors, old trees, and woven wire fences. Drape over walls or let it sprawl across the rooftop for cottage garden charm. Deciduous. Fast growing, twining stems 15 to 20 ft. long.

Outward-facing, pale pink flowers transition to rose, then mature to a rich cranberry color. Strikingly dark foliage and stems are tough, handsome and deer resistant. Compact size is ideal for the front of a shady
border, patio container or as a potted gift. Reaches 10-13 inches tall and 15 inches wide.

Rare among intersectional hybrids, magnificent flowers appear orange when they first open, fading to a
beautiful peachy yellow. Fully opened flowers can reach up to eight inches across, and have a wonderful
mild fragrance. Large contrasting dark-red central flares are extremely prominent. This new cultivar has a
vigorous growth habit with deep green, finely-cut foliage that is disease resistant. Hybridized by Don
Smith, a leading Itoh Peony breeder. Reaches 20 to 30 inches tall and wide.

Beautiful, boldly colored heart-shaped leaves start out in spring and early summer with a soft chartreuse center that gradually lightens to a golden yellow. In mid summer the mounds sprout trusses of lily-like,
pale lavender to almost white flowers that prominently rise above the foliage on strong, sturdy stems.
Herbaceous perennial. Moderate grower 6-7 inches tall and 12 inches wide.

Superb, compact selection with more heat tolerance than other popular varieties. This offspring of
‘Francee’ features bold, dark green foliage displaying a gleaming white, 1-inch edge to the leaves. Great for brightening a shady border. Moderate growing to 14 in. tall, spreading wider.

Absolutely stunning variegated foliage has deep green margins with a creamy yellow center that turns white in summer. Highlights the shaded garden and is especially beautiful planted with Astilbe or Ferns. Both foliage and lavender-colored flowers are lovely in bouquets. Herbaceous perennial. Moderate grower to 25 in. tall, 36 in. wide.

Fragrant, rose-shaped, coral-pink flowers that have a soft, pleasing scent. A wonderful addition to any
spring bouquet. Excellent background plant for spring bulbs, or use in perennial or shrub borders. An
American Peony Society Gold Medal Selection. Herbaceous perennial. Fast grower to 1 1/2 to 2 ft. tall, 2
to 3 ft. wide.

An evergreen, perennial shrub with gray green foliage and abundant, fragrant, purple flower spikes that
attract butterflies. Useful as hedge or edging in herb garden. Flowers may be crushed and used in sachets. Moderate growing 2 ft. tall and wide.

A superb creamy gold edged version of ‘Krossa Regal’. The blue-green foliage surrounded by gold margins
bring dazzling color to any shade garden. A stunning, upright, vase-shaped variety. Tall, slender stalks of
soft lavender, trumpet shaped blooms. Vigorous growth to 3 ft. tall and wide.

Large, bright golden-yellow heart shaped leaves provide a pop of color to any shady spot in the garden.
Corrugation and deep veins add texture to this mounding Hosta and accent summer lavender blooms. Slug resistant. Foliage clumps reach up to 30 inches tall and 48 inches wide.

Great small-scale groundcover for rock gardens! Dwarf spreading form with dainty violet flowers that
show color for many months. Deep green foliage is lightly marbled chartreuse. Nearly evergreen in most
climates. 2008 Perennial Plant of the Year. Spreading mound to 15 in. high, 3 ft. wide.

Big, bright orange-red , blooms of single petals surrounding a brown cone. Ideal for an easy, colorful summer border. A must-have for a cutting garden, this drought tolerant perennial was bred for cold hardiness and compact form with prolific flowering over an exceptionally long season. Keep dried flower heads on the plants in the fall to provide food for wintering song birds.
Reaches 24 to 26 in. tall, 16 to 22 in. wide.

Brilliant, hot coral blooms will electrify the summer border! A must-have for the butterfly or cutting
garden, this drought tolerant perennial was bred for cold hardiness and compact form with prolific
flowering over an exceptionally long season. Reaches 24 to 26 in. tall, 16 to 22 in. wide.

Big, bright red blooms for an easy, colorful summer border. A must-have for the butterfly or cutting
garden, this drought tolerant perennial was bred for cold hardiness and compact form with prolific flowering over an exceptionally long season. Reaches 24 to 26 in. tall, 16 to 22 in. wide.

Bright golden leaves with wide, deep green margins and prominent veining provide the appearance of
stained glass. Large, fragrant pale lavender flowers complement the dramatic foliage. Bold color for
foundation and woodland beds. Herbaceous perennial. Forms a clump 15 in. tall and 3 to 4 ft. wide.

A vigorous, heat-tolerant selection with soft, blue flowers. The broad, bold, cream variegation acquires a pink tinge in direct sun or cool weather. A natural companion for Hostas and Heucheras.
Introduced by the New England Wildflower Society. Herbaceous.
Forms a clump of foliage 18 in. wide; 12 in. tall in bloom.

Durable purple-tinted green leaves on red stems provide the ideal backdrop for the pink buds that open to green-centered white flowers. Perfect for edgings or containers or planted in mass. Herbaceous perennial. Fast growing into a clump 12-18 in. tall, 18-24 in. wide.

Perhaps the largest and most popular hosta. This award winner has immense leathery leaves of chartreuse that become gold as summer approaches. A bold landscape feature when accentuated by smaller bright-colored hostas and other perennials. Herbaceous.
Very robust grower 2 to 3 ft. tall, 5 to 6 ft. wide.

Large flowers up to six inches across provide an unusual and exquisite ever-changing blend of colors.
When opening, blooms appear mostly pink, but are actually light yellow heavily flushed with deep lavender pink. As flowers mature, the pink and yellow fades to pale white, with a large dark burgundy flare in the center. Blooms appear early May through end of June. Finely cut dark green foliage and a rounded form make this an excellent landscape plant. Hybridized by Don Smith, a leading Itoh Peony breeder. Moderate growing, 24 to 30 inches tall and wide.

A classic hosta with big bold foliage displaying a wide gold band on the edges of the leaves. The golden band turns to creamy white by mid-summer. Resists slug damage. Herbaceous perennial. Broad clumping habit to 18 in. tall, 3 ft. wide. Flowers on 4 ft. stems.

Blue-green foliage turning to deep burgundy creates color in the garden even when not in bloom.
Dusky-pink flowers create a beautiful contrast and attract butterflies. A great choice for rock gardens, containers, or edging. Fast growing 9 to 12 in. tall and 2 to 4 ft. wide.

A dramatic, drooping form makes this attractive conifer a special addition to any landscape. Use as a large specimen or accent. Pendant branchlets display icy-blue needles. Evergreen. Slow grower with spreading
branches 15 to 25 ft. tall and wide.

Exceptionally large blooms measure seven to eight inches across, held on strong stems above a compact
mound of dark green, trouble-free foliage that lasts well into autumn. The masses of clear yellow petals
have a nearly translucent quality, forming a perfectly formal double flower with a light and very pleasant
fragrance. Ideal for cutting. Hybridized by Don Smith, a leading Itoh Peony breeder. Moderate growing,
24 to 30 in. tall and wide.