Fruits & Berries

This new cold-hardy little gem produces bumper crops of large, delicious berries in mid-summer, with
super sweet flavor like homemade blueberry jelly. Rich green foliage is often tinted with radiant red along
the edges and tips of its uniquely elongated leaves. Exceptional compact form makes a great low hedge or
feature plant for patio containers. Reaches only 1 to 2 ft. tall and wide.

Award winning compact blueberry is a four-season showstopper! Spring’s white, bell-shaped flowers give
way to an abundant summer crop of delicious, sweet blueberries. Glossy leaves range in color from peachy pink to orange to emerald green. Evergreen in most climates, with rich eggplant purple winter foliage. An outstanding choice for the landscape or patio. Reaches 2 ft. tall and wide.